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MIR offers financial planning services designed to help elderly clients preserve their assets in safe investments so they may qualify for government financial assistance programs.  MIR charges fees to assist elderly clients in submitting Medicaid applications, and we may receive commissions for annuities structured in the planning process.  In 11 years filing Medicaid applications, we have never had an application denied. 

We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice or draft any legal documents.  The decision to hire MIR is in no way equivalent to or a substitution for an attorney.

assets protectedMIR is a Florida based financial planning company specializing in asset preservation prior to applying for Medicaid. We help Florida families to preserve their assets instead of spending down their assets on nursing home expenses. MIR’s asset protection services are geared towards educating Florida families on viable, asset protection strategies such as Medicaid Friendly Annuities. We also can lift the burden from families of applying for Medicaid through our “Fast Track Medicaid Application Filing Service”.

Since the Medicaid eligibility requirements constantly change, we do our best to stay in contact with the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) who keep us abreast of changes in the Medicaid Standards. We often refer our clients to knowledgeable attorneys who can help interpret the Medicaid laws for their situation.

It is clear that the government intends to limit the use of asset preservation strategies and encourage families to spend down their assets privately paying for their loved one’s care. Eventually, we anticipate that every creative solution for preserving assets will be eliminated, but fortunately this is not the case today. There are still ways to preserve assets prior to applying for Medicaid.

MIR is optimistic that we will still continue to assist our clients in preserving their assets for years to come. Please feel free to contact us today for a free telephone consultation to explore asset preservation possibilities for your family member!

florida medicaid
florida medicaid